A virtual reality: High-tech + HiVision™

LOGLIFT™ and JONSERED® forestry, railway + recycling cranes are part of the HIAB family of truck-mounted cranes, specifically designed and customizable to meet the needs of these specialized industries and to save them money. They're the ultimate in smart controls, smart ideas and next-generation technology, tested and proven for Canada's tough conditions.

HIAB is a leader in heavy equipment innovations, and these specialized truck-mounted cranes are no exception. The HiVision™ LOGLIFT is the first timber crane to be controlled by virtual reality (VR). It brings video game excitement to serious, real-world conditions. HiVision LOGLIFT’S VR headset lets the operator control the crane with an amazing 270˚ full view from the safety and comfort of the passenger seat. At the same time, standard HiVis™ gives the operator the best visibility in the industry. HiVision also eliminates the need for an additional cabin, adding 400 kg to your crane capacity.

High performance, heavy lifting

LOGLIFT and JONSERED forestry cranes are all ready to take on these industry's heavy lifting duties, with powerful performance-boosting basic features that include smart controls, SafetyPlus™ and HiVis™ – 5x the visibility and the highest in the industry. All LOGLIFTS also feature a SmartBase with Three-Point Bridge, a feature that flexes to make getting to and from the job just as smooth at its performance, They have a premium ergonomic High Seat and a next-generation HiCab™ cabin that is enhanced in 125 dimensions. You can boost performance even more:  customize your LOGLIFT with multiple boom and capacity options, Hydraulic Pilot Control (HPC), a wireless scale for quick, accurate loading, and of course, HiVision™.

Made for Canada’s harsh conditions, supported in Canada

LOGLIFT truck-mounted cranes deliver efficiency, strength, precision and maximum payload, anywhere in Canada, for everything from full-length harvesting to energy forestry and specialized railway services. LOGLIFTS stand up to our tough Canadian conditions and hold their value, with features like high-tech nDurance™ coating, Hose Protection Link™ (HPL) for impact protection and an oil bath – critical for heavy-duty lifting. Plus, they’re HIAB products, so you can rely on the world’s leading truck-mounted crane brand and the support of ML-TRUCK and its province-wide network in BC.